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12 September '03 - a project called DEAD/SKIN/MASK played Slayer's songs at covernight at Riviera in Kouvola. Their setlist was Raining Blood, Mandatory Suicide, Dead Skin Mask, Silent Scream, South Of Heaven, Seasons In The Abyss, Angel Of Death.
17 November '03 - HATEFRAME officially was born.
12 December '03 - the first demos appeared in the Web.
20 February '04 - for a number of some personal reasons Ilkka and Tonmi left the band. Sami Kujala became a singer of the band, and Lauri "lasso" Viren re-placed Tonmi.
16 June '04 - GREAT NEWS! Tonmi returned in band.
27 June '04 - the recording of the songs for the forthcoming album SIGN OF DEMISE was finished.
11 September '04 - Ilkka is singing in the band again. Sami quited. be continued...stay tuned!

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